Uber Eats Michael Cera at Pool Party Commercial


Uber Eats Michael Cera at Pool Party Commercial

Uber Eats has launched a series of new ads by agency Special US that highlight the thought process behind ordering takeout.

One of them features Michael Cera at a pool party who decides to order some food because he wants to avoid getting in the pool. “I need food, can’t swim while I’m eating,” he says to himself while ordering some tortilla chips on Uber Eats. His order is promptly delivered and he starts nibbling a tortilla chip, hoping this will keep him dry, but it soon turns out this is not a sure thing. When he drops the chip, he encourages himself to say something smart and awesome.

The delivery service aims to highlight thus that Uber Eats can get him party food, but they can’t bring him a party animal personality.

Uber Eats has also teamed up with numerous other celebrities to promote its services, as well as its Uber One membership, offering benefits like top-rated drivers on rides, premium support, $0 Delivery Fees on eligible orders, and exclusive member-only offers, promotions, and perks. Among them are Tom Felton, Bridgerton actress Nicola Coughlan, Robert De Niro, Asa Butterfield, Kendall Jenner and Kris Jenner, Puff Diddy, and more.

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