P&O Cruises Boxset Holiday Like Never Before Advert Song


P&O Cruises Boxset Holiday Like Never Before Advert

P&O Cruises marks its largest-ever media investment to date with the “Holiday Like Never Before” campaign, aiming to showcase the distinctive advantages of a cruise holiday and what makes a P&O Cruises vacation truly exceptional.

The first spot in the campaign, “The Boxset,” which premiered on Christmas Day and was filmed using the bullet-time filming technique, features P&O Cruises guests enjoying a Caribbean holiday on board the line’s newest ship, Arvia. Concluding the ad, the voiceover points out that if a typical holiday is a movie, a P&O Cruise is a boxset, encapsulating the tagline “Holiday Like Never Before.”

The soundtrack music is “Beyond The Sea,” the English version of Charles Trenet’s French song “La Mer,” famously popularized by Bobby Darin in 1959.

Robert Scott, Vice President of Brand, Marketing, and Sales, expressed the campaign’s ambition to transcend the cruise category and distinguish itself within the travel realm in both content and execution. Scott emphasized the centrality of unique P&O Cruises experiences in the “Holiday Like Never Before” campaign, anticipating the excitement of sharing these offerings with an audience that may not have considered ship travel before.

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