NerdWallet Vacations Commercial Song – Feat. Patricia Belcher


NerdWallet Vacations Commercial - Feat. Patricia Belcher

Deutsch LA has crafted a whimsical musical theater advertising campaign for the financial product search app NerdWallet, urging individuals to embark on making wiser financial choices starting today. One of the commercials features a couple in their living room, portraying the future version of viewers, delivering a song with the following lyrics:

“Say hello to Future you
You made so bad money moves so no vacations for you.
Never got a credit card with rewards
No way will never see your FS
All these places will never go
Here isn’t us in Mexico.
Don’t make the future you hate you.”
The lady is played by actress Patricia Belcher, who starred as Cafeteria Lady in the TV series Community.

The campaign was triggered by an online NerdWallet survey in which 86% of Americans said there is some financial action they wish they would have taken sooner in life.

The NerdWallet app lets you see all your spending from all your accounts, all at a glance, see how your spending, savings, investments, and equity add up, check your score anytime, and get alerts when a change occurs, helps you keep track of your home equity and know when to refinance, monitor your credit report, and start a dispute if something’s off, and earn more points and rewards based on your spending trends.

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