Hotels Nikola Jokic & Peyton Watson Pool Seats Commercial


Hotels Nikola Jokic & Peyton Watson Pool Seats Commercial has unveiled a fresh commercial featuring Nikola Jokić and Peyton Watson from the Denver Nuggets. In this latest advertisement, Jokić guides Watson through various seats surrounding a luxurious resort pool, cleverly drawing parallels to seats at NBA games. Drawing an analogy, the Serbian star explains, “Pool seats are much like game seats – we’ve got VIPs and the bench.” Watson, curious, inquires about the bench occupants, to which Jokić humorously responds, “Not me,” taking a VIP-worthy seat on a sofa.

The scene shifts as Watson opts for a seat by the pool’s edge, dipping his feet in the water. The commercial wraps up with the message “Hotel Like a Pro” on screen, emphasizing as the NBA’s Official Travel Partner.

The ad campaign also features Jimmy Butler, the 2023 Eastern Conference Finals MVP, and rookie Jaime Jaquez Jr. Additionally, it highlights’s newly introduced rewards program, One Key, and the app’s intelligent shopping feature, simplifying hotel comparisons and selections for travelers.

In another spot, Jokić and teammate Peyton Watson are seen strolling through a hotel accompanied by a real pony. When Watson questions the appropriateness of their entrance with a horse, Jokić assures him that the venue is pet-friendly.

Scheduled for premiering during the high-profile Christmas Day games, these commercials are set to air across the U.S. and Canada throughout the season.

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