Google Pixel & iPhone Singing Thank You For Being a Friend Commercial Song

In a new Google commercial as part of the “#BestPhonesForever” campaign, the spotlight is on Google Pixel and iPhone. Titled “Thank You For Being a Friend,” the spot kicks off with a charismatic Google Pixel, adorned in a dazzling gold bow tie, taking the stage with a microphone. “Hi, there! We’re so lucky to have made so many new friends this year,” expresses the Pixel.

Shortly after, an iPhone, bedazzled in a sequined phone case, is bathed in a spotlight while perched on a piano. The iPhone chimes in, “So to all of you, we just wanted to say…”. The two smartphones then unite to deliver a collaborative performance of “Thank You For Being A Friend,” the iconic theme song from The Golden Girls.

The commercial unfolds with glimpses of their shared escapades, featuring the inseparable friends on road trips, basking in sunny beach days, unwinding by the pool and at the SPA, reveling in playground fun, attending football matches together, and exploring various locales – each frame resonating with the essence of shared experiences.

The ad concludes with a radiant display descending onto the stage, announcing that Google is offering a $200 discount on a Pixel 8 Pro for your bestie at