GEICO Western Cowboys with Pets Commercial Song

GEICO Western Cowboys with Pets Commercial

GEICO has unveiled a fresh installment in its “Ease Specialist” series, where the Gecko intervenes in a standoff between two cowboys protecting their ranches. The scenario begins with a cowboy rebuffing a tycoon’s attempt to purchase his ranch. Unbeknownst to the cowboy, the tycoon is a woman who hints at her strategies to acquire the property. The local sheriff deems the situation challenging and calls in an Ease Specialist. To everyone’s surprise, the Ease Specialist turns out to be GEICO’s mascot, the Gecko.

The Gecko explains that GEICO simplifies the process of obtaining coverage for valued possessions like cars, homes, and even pets. During the conversation, the Gecko discovers that the rancher has a Toy Maltese as a pet. Intrigued, the tycoon signals her own Toy Maltese with a whistle.

The commercial concludes with a voiceover stating, “For assistance in finding the right coverage, GEICO makes it easy.” The cast includes Don Swayze as the Rancher, Nancy Lantis as the Tycoon, and Lawrence A. Mandley as the Sheriff. The soundtrack, titled “Stare Down,” was composed by and licensed from Tiny Lion.

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