Church’s Texas Chicken $3.99 On-The-Go Meal Deals Commercial Song


Church's Texas Chicken $3.99 On-The-Go Meal Deals Commercial Song - Feat. Girls Dancing at Bus Stop

Church’s Texas Chicken is spotlighting its irresistible $3.99 On-The-Go Meal Deals in a commercial adorned with the tagline “World of Mouthwatering Bliss.” Crafted in collaboration with Trend Influence and Mindshare, the ad features a mother and her teenage daughter savoring Church’s Original Fried Chicken Sandwich and Tenders at a bus stop. Their enjoyment prompts an impromptu dance in the city streets, revealing that Church’s menu items have an infectious effect.

The accompanying soundtrack is an original bilingual piece, sung in Spanish and English, with lyrics conveying the message to “Be real, be bold.”

Church’s $3.99 On-The-Go Meal Deals present two enticing choices: bold, crunchy chicken sandwiches or 3-piece Tenders complemented by Purple Pepper Sauce and a Honey Butter Biscuit.

In a noteworthy initiative earlier this year, the fast-service chicken restaurant partnered with Goodwill of North Georgia to extend its positive impact in communities. The “Celebrating Generosity” holiday campaign, spanning from November 27 to December 10, encouraged people to donate lightly used items to select Goodwill stores near participating Church’s Texas Chicken locations in Metro Atlanta. In return for their generosity, donors received a bounce back coupon (valid thru 12/31/2023) for a complimentary 3 Piece Tenders Meal, featuring a regular classic side, a Honey-Butter Biscuit, and a 22 oz. drink.

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