Baileys Christmas Advert – Feat. Hannah Waddingham


Baileys Christmas Advert - Feat. Hannah Waddingham

In the Christmas 2023 advertisement for Baileys, Hannah Waddingham takes on the role of conductor for the Gold Vocal Collective. The Emmy-winning actress leads the MOBO Awards performing choir in the commercial, dressed in a Foxy blouse from the independent fashion brand Queens of Archive. Waddingham playfully tricks the choir members into thinking their rehearsal is finished, only to revive their enthusiasm with a tap of her baton on the music stand and an offer of Baileys.

As the choir harmonizes, they simultaneously prepare a festive cocktail adorned with gold, chocolate, and shortbread. The joyful scene encapsulates the spirit of the season, with the indulgent drink serving as a delightful centerpiece.

Charlie Gibbon, Marketing Category Director for Gins, Pimm’s & Baileys, expressed excitement about kicking off the festive season with the new campaign, featuring Hannah Waddingham and the Gold Vocal Collective. He invited treat enthusiasts worldwide to join the celebration, adding a touch of deliciousness to their festive gatherings with friends and family.

In a press release, Waddingham shared her enthusiasm for Christmas, highlighting it as her favorite time of the year. She emphasized the joy of coming together with loved ones, engaging in festive traditions, and breaking away from routine. Waddingham expressed delight in partnering with Baileys, describing it as the perfect festive adult treat for the holiday season.

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