Apple iPhone 15 Plus Looong Lasting Battery Commercial Song – Feat. Singing Outlet


Apple iPhone 15 Plus Looong Lasting Battery Commercial Song - Feat. Singing Socket

Apple introduces its latest iPhone 15 Plus through a new commercial focusing on its remarkable battery longevity.

In this 30-second installment, a unique character takes center stage – the electrical outlet, which unexpectedly bursts into song with rapper Doe Boy’s “Way Too Long.” The outlet laments the extended intervals between charges for the iPhone 15 Plus, leading to less frequent plug-ins.

The advertisement concludes with an onscreen message declaring “Looooong battery life.” According to Apple’s technical specifications, the iPhone 15 Plus boasts an impressive battery performance, offering up to 26 hours of offline video playback and an astounding 100 hours of audio playback. This sets a new benchmark, surpassing the already impressive battery life of the iPhone 14 Plus, making the iPhone 15 Plus the iPhone with the longest advertised battery life to date.

In a separate recent ad, Apple showcases the iPhone 15 Plus’s advanced camera features, emphasizing its ability to transform photos into portraits even after they’ve been captured. Additionally, the brand’s festive Christmas commercial features the iPhone 15, with the spotlight on an animator. During her downtime away from the office, she utilizes her iPhone 15 Pro Max and MacBook Air to craft a holiday-themed stop-motion video, starring a character resembling her grumpy boss. Apple continues to set new standards, not only in technology but also in creative and innovative advertising.

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