Apple iPhone 15 Album Cover Commercial

Apple has unveiled a comical new commercial showcasing the advanced features of the iPhone 15, emphasizing the ability to transform photos into portraits even after capturing the shot.

The advertisement centers around a woman editing a photo in Portrait Mode on her iPhone 15, manipulating the focus between subjects. In a humorous twist, the edited photo becomes a potential album cover for her band.

The scene unfolds as the woman consults her guitarist, seeking his opinion on the blurred version featuring her two bandmates. Initially deeming it “cool,” he later realizes it’s intended as the album cover and proposes an alternative with him as the sole focal point. The vocalist playfully asserts that she sees him more when she sees him less. Despite his attempt to showcase his focused image, she insists on the mysterious allure of the blurred version, explaining “It’s like ‘Who is that?’ So mysterious. Like, who is he?”

Determined to have his image take center stage, the guitarist confidently presents his version of the photo, only to receive a nonchalant “It’s something” from the vocalist. Undeterred, she edits the photo once more, putting herself in focus while keeping her two mates blurred. Her reasoning? The album is about her breakup. Eventually, she suggests consulting their third band member, Brian.

As Brian joins the discussion and expresses a preference for the version with his own image in focus, the vocalist entertains the idea but also attempts to introduce a new iteration before the commercial abruptly concludes.

The onscreen message “Turn your photos into portraits. iPhone 15” underscores the transformative capabilities of the device, adding a touch of humor to the innovative features.