Air New Zealand Chase a Great Christmas Commercial

Air New Zealand Chase a Great Christmas Commercial - Feat. flight attendant Shanti Tucker

Air New Zealand has unveiled its Christmas initiative, titled “The Great Christmas Chase.”

Developed by Bastion Shine, the campaign film endeavors to illustrate the extraordinary efforts a dedicated Air New Zealander will exert to rescue Christmas for a passenger. The storyline revolves around a flight attendant, portrayed by Air New Zealand’s Shanti Tucker, who embarks on a time-sensitive mission to return a misplaced gift to a young traveler amid the bustling chaos of an airport filled with fellow passengers and numerous challenges.

Encountering flying Candy Canes, navigating obstacles within Air New Zealand lounges, descending long escalator slides, and enduring a deliberately slow-paced car chase, the flight attendant undertakes a series of daring feats to ensure the timely delivery of the present. In a surprising twist at the conclusion, it is revealed that the gift box she had been carrying was actually a present from the boy for his mother.

The central figure of the video is Air New Zealand flight attendant Shanti Tucker, who describes the experience of embodying an action star and stunt extraordinaire as truly unforgettable. She shares insights for Air New Zealand customers traveling this Christmas, assuring them they won’t encounter identical obstacles but recommending arriving a bit earlier than usual, using online check-in, and packing patience for a smooth, stress (and stunt)-free experience.

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