Telstra Christmas Commercial Song – Feat. Little Girl Helping Lost Reindeer

Telstra Christmas Commercial - Feat. Reindeer & Dog

Telstra has revealed its Christmas commercial, narrating a heartwarming tale of connection.

Crafted by The Monkeys, a part of Accenture Song, and directed by the acclaimed Glendyn Ivin at Exit, the advertisement unfolds the story of Dasher the reindeer. Dasher becomes separated from Santa and embarks on a journey through regional Australia to find her way home. Along the way, she encounters local companions, including festive neighborhood dogs and some kangaroos. Eventually, a little girl named Cassie discovers Dasher and utilizes a Telstra payphone to contact Santa, reuniting her newfound four-legged friend with Santa just in time for Christmas.

The soundtrack features the 2016 ballad “Oh Christmas” by the Queensland band Zefereli.

Brent Smart, Telstra’s Chief Marketing Officer, commented, “We aimed to stand out amidst the holiday retail clamor, particularly in our industry, with a significant brand declaration for Telstra. We crafted a distinctly Australian Christmas narrative, offering a distinctive role for the Telstra brand. A special acknowledgment goes to The Monkeys for delivering an exceptional piece of work, marking a memorable note for the brand.”

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