Rockshore St. Stephen’s Day Ronan Keating Christmas Advert Song

Rockshore St. Stephen's Day Ronan Keating Christmas TV Advert

Irish lager and cider brand Rockshore, self-proclaimed unofficial sponsor of St. Stephen’s Day, has joined forces with Ronan Keating for its inaugural Christmas advertisement. Crafted by M&C Saatchi London, the holiday commercial showcases the Boyzone frontman and ‘Rocko’ in a playful rendition of the Christmas classic “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” Described by the brand as filled with “affectionate banter and good-natured teasing on their way to the pub,” the festive spot captures the spirit of the season.

In the 80-second video, Ronan, who reveals a festive knitted sweater adorned with a roasted turkey image, kicks off the revamped song with the lyrics, “It’s the most refreshing time of the year.” Alongside Rocko, the brand’s ambassador, they playfully sing about close mates, roasting, hosting on St. Stephen’s Day, and enjoying a beer. Holding a disc featuring Ronan in the turkey sweater, Rocko humorously highlights it as the pinnacle of the singer’s career. The lyrics also include references to making St. Stephen’s Day stories, laughing at past glories, and reveling in the best time of the year.

The advert concludes with an onscreen line declaring Rockshore as the “Unofficial Sponsor of St. Stephen’s Day.” Ronan Keating expressed his joy in celebrating St. Stephen’s Day in Ireland, emphasizing the joy of reuniting with friends, enjoying drinks in the favorite pub, and engaging in banter. Linda Bradley, Head of Beer at Diageo Ireland, expressed delight in partnering with Ronan Keating to infuse some refreshment into the holiday season. The goal is to celebrate the affectionate banter between close friends on the most refreshing day for a beer, St. Stephen’s Day.

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