Morrisons Christmas Advert Song – Feat. Singing Oven Gloves

Morrisons Christmas Advert - Feat. Singing Oven Gloves

In its Christmas advert this year, Morrisons is celebrating those individuals who take charge of organizing the festive celebrations. The supermarket’s aim is to offer customers “additional incentives to choose Morrisons for their Christmas needs.”

The advertisement showcases jovial oven gloves delivering a rendition of the classic Starship power ballad “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” to their owners who are bustling in the kitchen, diligently preparing the holiday feast. The activities range from preparing the turkey to glazing ham and igniting the pudding, all prominently featured in the commercial. Families are seen cooking with the enthusiastic support and serenades of their beloved oven gloves.

As the song builds toward the chorus, the gloves emerge from drawers, performing a choreographed dance just as the Christmas pudding is being set alight. However, they choose to remain silent when a potato is accidentally dropped. In the final moments of the 60-second video, a pair of gloves smiles at the camera while a family gathers around the table, all set to relish their Christmas meal.

Morrisons seeks to assure shoppers that, just like the dependable oven gloves, they will be there to assist during the holiday season by offering their Christmas range brimming with freshly prepared British food. The gloves, in the background, continue to sing in a heartwarming display of moral support.

Furthermore, Morrisons has introduced an exciting competition, encouraging the nation to “share the glove love” with an interactive oven glove karaoke competition on social media. The #GloveOke challenge, to be hosted on TikTok and other platforms, challenges participants to share videos of their own gloves “singing” a duet for the opportunity to win their Christmas groceries. Stay tuned to the company’s social media profiles for the official launch of this competition.

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