John Lewis Perfect Christmas Tree Advert Italian Song – Feat. Boy and Venus Flytrap

John Lewis Christmas Perfect Christmas Tree Advert Song - Feat. Boy and Carnivorous Plant

John Lewis has finally unveiled its highly-anticipated Christmas ad. This time, it tells the story of a boy who’s on a quest for the perfect Christmas tree.

The advert starts as eight-year-old Alfie is at a flea market with his grandmother and finds an old wooden box featuring the text “Grow your own Perfect Christmas tree”. Back at home, he immediately puts the seed in a pot and nurtures it for months. However, it soon turns out it’s not a Christmas tree, but a Venus flytrap, which Alfie names Snapper. The fast-growing plant becomes a life force with its playful personality and, after a quite violent episode, in which it tears Christmas decorations and causes a huge mess, ends up in the backyard.

Alfie, who loves Snapper, is left heartbroken by his family’s decision of casting his friend out in the cold, and, on Christmas morning, he grabs one of his gifts and heads outside, to give it to Snapper. His mother, grandmother and sister join him, as well, with several other gift boxes, which they place near the pot.

In an unexpected twist, the energetic and mischievous plant swallows the gift boxes, leaving everyone in shock. However, it gobbles up all the wrapped Christmas gifts only to keep the wrapping paper and give back to the family as confetti.

The soundtrack music is provided by an Italian song titled “Festa”, written and produced specifically for the John Lewis advert, and performed by famous opera artist Andrea Bocelli.

This year’s ad, which introduces the tagline “Let Your Traditions Grow”, marks the first campaign by Saatchi and Saatchi after John Lewis changed agency after 14 years.

Customers will be able to buy items from the advert including a £18 plush plant, pyjamas ranging from £19 to £34 and a children’s storybook for £9.99.

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