eharmony Warm Laundry Commercial Song

eharmony Warm Laundry Commercial Couple

Dating platform eHarmony has introduced a fresh advertising campaign, crafted in collaboration with Party Land, an award-winning comedy agency, to announce the release of their revamped visual identity. This campaign encapsulates the notion that it’s often the less glamorous moments – the ones that expose vulnerability and exhibit quirky authenticity – that truly draw us closer to another person. Directed by Emma Seligman, the campaign showcases various scenarios.

In one instance, a commercial features a same-sex couple passing time while waiting for their laundry. They lounge on the sofa, attentively observing the washing machine as it nears the end of its cycle. Eventually, one of the women retreats to the bedroom, sprawling herself across the bed. Shortly after, her partner arrives carrying a basket filled with warm laundry. They exchange meaningful glances before the partner playfully throws the laundry over her, covering her head and body.

The commercial concludes with the onscreen line “Get who gets you,” set to the tune of “Lost In Love (Vox)” by Toodlum Barker & Emil Lomax.

Other segments of the campaign portray seemingly mundane moments that become meaningful when shared with a partner who appreciates and embraces the quirks, passions, and vulnerabilities that define an individual. These moments include grieving the loss of a cherished plant, receiving a serenade after a challenging day at work, and discovering a pimple in the bathroom mirror.

Patrick Moore, eHarmony’s brand lead, stated, “At eHarmony, our goal is to empower members to express their uniqueness and character, fostering genuine connections where they can comfortably be themselves.” He highlighted that the brand’s new campaign “offers glimpses into seemingly ordinary, non-romantic moments that unveil the essence of relationships: the comfort of being authentic.” Moore added, “We take pride in this campaign as it aligns with our ongoing efforts to represent a wider spectrum of what real love means to the diverse individuals within our member community.”

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