Discover Jennifer Coolidge & Her Bodyguard Commercial

Discover Jennifer Coolidge & Her Bodyguard Commercial

Discover has unveiled a new commercial featuring Jennifer Coolidge to highlight the benefits of the Discover card, such as 24/7 live customer service and $0 fraud liability.

The advertisement features the White Lotus actress at a grocery store, accompanied by her bodyguard, whom she playfully mistakes for her personal shopper. When he clarifies that he is her bodyguard, working only during the day, Coolidge humorously inquires about who she talks to at 3AM. The bodyguard informs her that she’s actually conversing with one of the customer service representatives from Discover, emphasizing the round-the-clock support. He also mentions Discover’s protection against fraud on unauthorized purchases, prompting Coolidge to ask, “What do you protect me from?” To this, the bodyguard wittily responds, “Mostly yourself,” as he assists another customer in getting another melon since Coolidge took from his basket the one he initially chose.

Coolidge, who assumed the role of a spokesperson for Discover in October of this year, also stars in another commercial promoting Discover’s Cashback Debit checking account.

These advertisements are part of the national brand campaign titled “Especially for Everyone,” which focuses on highlighting Discover’s various benefits and products. The campaign challenges the conventional notion that premium experiences are exclusive to a select few, underscoring how Discover’s products and services ensure that all customers feel valued and receive the excellent customer service that the brand is known for.

Peter Illian, Senior Vice President of Deposits at Discover, expressed that integrating the concept of a full suite of digital banking products into their national advertising campaign is a significant step for the brand. He emphasized Discover’s commitment to a customer-first attitude, extending beyond credit cards to checking and savings accounts, as well as loan products. The aim is to continually find innovative ways to communicate the comprehensive range of benefits that Discover offers to its customers.

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