Avocados From Mexico Football Player Benched by Coach Commercial

Avocados From Mexico Football Player Troy Benched by Coach Commercial

Avocados From Mexico is back with a new advertising campaign created by the Lerma agency and directed by Brendan Gibbons of Station Film. The campaign includes two quirky commercials in which characters synchronize their dialogue with the brand’s familiar jingle to convey the message that Avocados From Mexico “enhance everything.”

One of these advertisements, titled “Benched,” features a coach who informs a football player named Troy that he won’t be starting the game, all while humming the Avocados From Mexico jingle. To soften the blow, he presents Troy with a tray filled with avocados and guacamole, leading to a surprisingly positive reaction from the player. Troy questions, “Did you just bench me to the Avocados From Mexico jingle?” To which the coach replies, “Well, they make everything better.” His assistant chimes in, noting that “they taste good” and “they’re good for you.”

As the commercial wraps up, the coach’s assistant remarks that it went better than expected, prompting the coach to request another tray and the kicker. An onscreen message underscores that Avocados From Mexico is The Official Avocado of the College Football Playoff.

Writer Bill Cochran stated in a press release that they plan to further explore the potential of their jingle in the upcoming months to remind people that Avocados From Mexico can enhance any situation, even when delivering unfavorable news. They are excited about the enduring potential of this concept.

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