Android Selfies Commercial Song – The Old Selfie Is History

Android Selfies Commercial - The Old Selfie Is History

The latest Android commercial encourages individuals to enhance their selfie experience effortlessly using the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5.

Titled “Selfies of the Past,” the advertisement showcases a diverse group of people observing statues that depict classic-style selfies, where individuals held their phones with their hands in front of their faces.

Throughout the 30-second spot, various statues are featured. Among them are the statue of a couple enjoying ice cream in Venice, of a woman in a diner capturing her filled plate, of two friends marveling at fish in an aquarium, of a man using a selfie stick in front of a museum, and of a family taking a selfie in Vegas. The onscreen message “The old selfie is history” concludes the commercial, accompanied by the image of a couple on the beach being engulfed by waves.

The ad transitions to a young woman placing her Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 on a rock at the beach and instructing Google to take a selfie. While she takes a step back, she captures a dynamic moment with three friends jumping in the air.

Set to the energetic tune of the 2020 song “Deal Wiv It” by Mura Masa feat. slowthai, the commercial closes with the tagline “More hands freedom.”

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