Uber Eats Robert De Niro & Asa Butterfield Best Friends Commercial / Advert

Uber Eats Robert De Niro & Asa Butterfield Best Friends Commercial / Advert

Uber Eats has enlisted Robert De Niro and Asa Butterfield to star in its latest ad for Uber One membership, which offers upgrades such as top-rated drivers on rides, premium support, $0 Delivery Fees on eligible orders, and member-only offers, promotions and perks.

The spot, created by Mother London, begins with the iconic Raging Bull legend, who has won an Oscar and is now 80 years old, comfortably seated in a director’s chair on a set, enjoying takeout. Meanwhile, the 26-year-old star of Sex Education, Butterfield, approaches with a hint of hesitation and clumsily inquires, “So, ah, you eat food?” De Niro responds, “Do I eat food? Yeah, I eat food. Do you eat food?” Butterfield replies he loves food and mentions he had food for breakfast. “Oh, well good for you,” comes De Niro’s answer.

Following a somewhat uncomfortable silence, Butterfield inquires, “Do you go places?” and De Niro affirms once more. Soon after, Butterfield shares the idea that sparkled in his head. “And that’s when I knew, I was gonna be best friends with Robert De Niro,” he says in voiceover.

The advertisement features the two of them engaging in a variety of activities together. This includes a scene where they ride in the back of a car, during which Butterfield introduces De Niro to Uber One, a subscription service offering benefits such as discounts on Uber rides and Uber Eats food delivery.

De Niro and Butterfield then take an Uber to go shopping at a boutique, trying on clothes. Subsequently, they enjoy smoothies, have fun on park swings, and later indulge in more takeout at an apartment before engaging in a game of ping pong.

As they explore the features of the Uber app, Butterfield demonstrates how to use photo filters, playfully adding cat ears to one of their selfies. “We can transform into cats. Well, not really, but…” says Butterfield.

With a deadpan expression, De Niro responds, “But why would you want to become a cat? You’re a human. Cats should aspire to be humans.”

The advertisement ends with the voiceover introducing Uber One as “a membership for people who eat food and go places”.

De Niro and Butterfield join thus the growing roster of celebrities that promote Uber One. Among them also are Puff Diddy, Julia Fox, Tracy Morgan, Zach Cherry, Sarah Silverman, and more.

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