The Dirty South (2023 Movie) Trailer Songs

The Dirty South (2023 Movie) Trailer Actress

The trailer for the upcoming thriller The Dirty South has been released.

Written and directed by Matthew Yerby, the movie revolves around Sue Parker (Willa Holland), who finds herself in a desperate battle to save her family’s struggling business, which is on the brink of collapse due to her father’s neglect. According to the official synopsis, when a handsome drifter (Shane West) comes into town, she sees him as the only chance to prevent their bar from falling into the hands of a ruthless local tycoon (Dermot Mulroney) and what starts as a simple plan to save her family, quickly spirals into larceny, lawlessness and deadly consequences.

The cast also includes Laura Cayouette, Wayne Pére, Mike Manning, and Gissette Valentin.

The trailer gives viewers a glimpse at Sue’s life, which changes dramatically when Mulroney’s character shows up and gives her only 72 hours to pay the mortgage for the bar she ownes in their small town. Desperate to find the money, she agrees to help West’s character on a heist, but their mission doesn’t go as planned.

“Do you know where you’re at, honey? You’re out in the middle of nowhere with two people that do nasty s&!t for a living,” tells them a woman who’s threatening them in one of the scenes.

The song used in the first part of the trailer is “Gun In My Hand” by Dorothy. At the end of the trailer, another song plays, whose lyrics include “Keep your distance and watch your mouth, we don’t play those games in the dirty South”.

Cineverse will debut The Dirty South in select US theaters + on VOD starting on November 10th, 2023.

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