Skechers Doja’ Lite Sneakers Doja Cat Commercial Song

Skechers Doja' Lite Sneakers Doja Cat Commercial

Skechers has dropped a new ad for the Skechers x Doja Cat collection, starring Doja Cat herself.

The spot features the award-winning global superstar sporting an all-white outfit to complement the Doja Lite Premium Sneaker and an all-black outfit for the black version of the Doja Lite sneaker, while in the background the 2021 song “Money Bags In The Trunk” by Babyxsosa plays.

According to the brand, the Doja’Lite fuses the modern fashion vision of global superstar Doja Cat with classic Skechers heritage design.

The collection, which was released on September 28, includes the Doja Cat: Doja’Lite Shine Sneaker and the Doja’Lite Premium. The sneakers, which are available in black, white, off white, olive green and lavender, and retail for $125, are outfitted with the signature Skechers x Doja Cat logo and feature Skechers’ Air-Cooled Memory Foam insole.

“It feels really cool to be able to create my own shoe with Skechers. To design something inspired by the iconic sneaker my peers wore back in the day – Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera – I feel like I am a part of history,” Doja said in a statement, explaining that for this campaign, she worked with Skechers to create “visuals that were simplistic, art-forward, edgy… and all the while we explored different elements like fire, burnt textures, and the aftermath of the flames”.

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