Rightmove Dunk Advert Song

Rightmove Dunk TV Advert

Online property business Rightmove, which is the UK’s most visited online platform dedicated to helping movers find their perfect new place, has launched a new ad campaign to remind people to believe in the things that matter most.

The spot, from agency Neverland, features a young boy named Sam who moves to a new house after his parents’ divorce. In spite of the challenges and difficulties that came with the move, the father managed to carve out a moment and space to set up a basketball hoop for his son. The video shows the boy’s determined attempt at a slam dunk in slow motion.

While he gracefully leaps through the air, the children from the new neighborhood observe with interest. In a cinematic scene, set to the tune of Blur’s “Song 2” and enhanced by a dramatic voiceover, we witness his unsuccessful attempt. However, a glimmer of hope follows as his neighbors take the ball and initiate a game, allowing the father to breathe a sigh of relief as he watches.

The voiceover states that belief is a powerful thing that shows us what can truly be possible and that belief helped find space for a hoop after the split. “As for the dunk, maybe next time,” he adds at the end of the advert, which sees the Rightmove tagline, “believe it”, appear on the screen.

The campaign also includes beautiful out-of-home shots by Sam Wright.

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