Rakuten Ghost of Cash Back Past Commercial

Rakuten Ghost of Cash Back Past Christmas Commercial

In its Halloween commercial, Rakuten introduces the intriguing concept of the “Ghost of Cash Back Past.” This novel character embodies the essence of cash back and shopping rewards, serving as a spectral reminder to shoppers about the importance of saving through Rakuten.

The advertisement unfolds with a woman in her living room, where she receives an unexpected visit from the Ghost of Cash Back Past. This ethereal figure clarifies its role as one of the ghosts that can take individuals back in time to rectify past regrets. With a touch of humor, the ghost points to a specific moment from the previous year, a moment the woman considers a significant blunder – her hairstyle, particularly her bangs.

The Ghost of Cash Back Past, however, interjects with a more significant realization: she missed out on potential savings by not using Rakuten for her purchases. The ghost underscores that she could still redeem herself by taking advantage of the Rakuten app, now conveniently installed on her smartphone, with its enticing “15% Cash Back” feature activated.

Just as the woman appears to have grasped the concept of maximizing her savings through Rakuten, a far more intimidating ghost makes an appearance in her living room, reaching for one of the gift boxes nestled beneath the Christmas tree. At this point, the Ghost of Cash Back Past playfully mentions that he’s simply her mode of transportation, alluding to the eerie and whimsical world he inhabits.

Rakuten has employed various advertising strategies over the years to promote its website and mobile app. Many of these advertisements have featured notable celebrities, adding star power to the brand. Among the prominent personalities who have graced Rakuten’s commercials are Alicia Silverstone and Elisa Donovan, who co-starred in the Super Bowl 2023 ad, James Kirkland, who assumed the role of Santa in the 2022 Christmas ad, Erin and Sara Foster, whose clothing brand, Favorite Daughter, is available for shopping with Cash Back on Rakuten, Emmy Award-winning actress Hannah Waddingham, who starred in the “High Stakes” Super Bowl 2022 ad, and NBA champion Stephen Curry.

For consumers interested in joining the Rakuten community, the process is straightforward and free. They can sign up at www.rakuten.com, unlocking the opportunity to shop at numerous major online retailers, including renowned names like Walgreens, Office Depot, Intermix, and Forever 21. The cashback they earn will be accumulated in their Rakuten account, and every quarter, they can anticipate receiving a check or a PayPal payment representing their cash-back rewards.

Rakuten’s innovative approach to cashback and savings, as portrayed through the quirky Ghost of Cash Back Past, underlines its commitment to helping consumers make the most of their shopping experiences and reap the benefits of smart financial decisions.

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