Progressive Pet Insurance Dog Commercial

Progressive Pet Insurance Dog Commercial

Progressive has released a series of new ads, called “Who’s a Good Owner?”, to promote its Pet Insurance by Pets Best.

One of them features a man acting like a dog and hiding under the bed, fearing that his wife, who’s standing near the bed, alongside their dog, takes him to the vet. “You can’t make me go to the vet. I’m not paying another bill,” he says determined. The woman reminds him that they have pet insurance, which can help cover eligible, unexpected pet care costs for dogs and cats, like certain operations, tests, and specialists, so the vet isn’t so scary anymore.

“So there’s money left over for treats?” asks her husband, coming out from under the bed.

As the spot ends, the voiceover urges viewers to not hide from vet bills and explains that, for less than a dollar a day, they can help protect their furry friends with Progressive Pet Insurance by Pets Best.

From accidentally swallowing a new chew toy, to broken bones and emergency surgeries, coverage for accidents is at the core of all pet insurance policies available from Pets Best. Bes tBenefit pet insurance plans cover a wide range of illnesses including diabetes, allergies, hip dysplasia, and hereditary and congenital conditions.

Pet wellness and routine care coverage is available as an add on to help pay for your dog or cat’s expected veterinary visits like annual check-ups, vaccinations, and more.

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