POM Wonderful Woman in Elevator Filled with Aliens Commercial

POM Wonderful Woman in Elevator Filled with Aliens Commercial

POM Wonderful has introduced a new humorous advertisement as part of its “Real Life is Scary: Protect Yourself With POM” campaign, aimed at showcasing the positive impact of their 100% pomegranate juice on consumers. In the ad, a woman finds herself in an elevator filled with green aliens engaged in unintelligible conversations. The narrator explains that invading free radicals are pervasive, but POM Wonderful’s antioxidants come to the rescue.

One of the aliens presses a button featuring a UFO icon and asks, “Going up?” A radiant blue light shines down on the woman, yet she remains unfazed by this unexpected journey. Why? Because she took a sip of POM Wonderful, which provides protection against both the aliens and free radicals. She casually responds, “Just to six, thanks,” showing no fear whatsoever.

As the commercial concludes, the announcer encourages viewers to safeguard themselves from free radicals with POM Wonderful.

POM Wonderful, the global leader in California-grown pomegranates and the top-selling pomegranate juice in North America, launched its “Real Life is Scary: Protect Yourself With POM” nationwide campaign on October 3rd. The campaign includes other comically spooky ads directed by Randy Krallman, where health antagonists, embodied as ghosts and vampires, symbolize free radicals encountered in everyday settings like the laundromat and movie theaters. Each sip of POM Juice equips the protagonist with the protective power of POM’s polyphenols against these chaotic free radicals.

The campaign was developed by The Wonderful Company’s in-house creative team at Wonderful Agency, led by Keene. It is set to run on various platforms, including connected TV, digital, mobile, linear TV, and cinema, as well as on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and select Spotlight Cinema theaters.

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