New All-Electric Peugeot E-308 Followed by Surveillance Camera Commercial / Advert

New All-Electric Peugeot E-308 Commercial

Peugeot’s latest campaign for the Peugeot 308 features an endearing storyline involving a surveillance camera that becomes infatuated with the new electric model.

Directed by Mark Jenkinson in collaboration with the Open agency, the commercial centers around a camera named Cam. From the moment the Peugeot 308 enters its field of vision, Cam is smitten and embarks on a relentless pursuit through the city, overcoming all obstacles. The camera dismounts from its wall mount and enthusiastically follows the green car, even interacting with dogs and hitching a ride on a bicycle. However, it briefly loses sight of the car, leading Cam to believe it has lost its love forever.

The commercial concludes with Cam back on another wall, reunited with the Peugeot it had longed to see. The voiceover poses the question, “Who knows where attraction will take you?”.

Notably, the camera character, Cam, was entirely created in 3D CGI by The Mill Paris. Drawing inspiration from Pixar classics, the creative team aimed to craft a friendly, emotive camera character with a slightly weathered appearance to narrate the love story between Cam and the new Peugeot vehicle.

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