Netflix Movies: Pain Hustlers (Trailer Song)

Netflix Movies: Pain Hustlers (Trailer Actress Emily Blunt)

A new trailer for the upcoming Netflix drama “Pain Hustlers” has been released, offering a deeper look into the dramatic journey of Emily Blunt’s desperate character.

The film, inspired by the true crime biography of the same name, revolves around a determined mother, portrayed by Blunt, who starts working for a pharmaceutical company, and the ensuing legal troubles that follow her rise to success.

The trailer opens with Liza and her daughter moving into a roadside motel, struggling to make ends meet. They’re seen eating Ramen noodles and other inexpensive food while Liza watches helplessly as her car is towed away. Determined to improve her life, she persuades Pete to hire her, whispering, “Give me a shot, please.” Pete reluctantly agrees, warning her not to embarrass him. As she begins her work, Pete instructs her on how to persuade doctors to prescribe a certain drug. The monetary figures are staggering, with Pete revealing they bill $40,000 per month for a full dose prescription. Although Liza has her doubts, she pushes forward, convincing doctors to prescribe the medication. She’s told she’ll make $600,000 in a year, $500,000 more than she expected. However, their success takes a downward turn.

In one of the scenes, Liza’s daughter offers her words of encouragement, assuring her mother that she’s not a bad person. The trailer also hints at Andy’s character entering a courtroom, while Liza desperately searches through files before the FBI closes in on their scheme.

The soundtrack music is Doja Cat’s song “Boss Bitch”, featured on the Birds of Prey soundtrack “Birds of Prey: The Album (2020)”.

Based on a book by Evan Hughes, an expansion of his 2018 New York Times Magazine article titled “The Pain Hustlers,” which delves into the dubious practices of the pharmaceutical company Insys, the film was directed by David Yates, known for directing the last five Harry Potter movies, with a screenplay adapted by Wells Tower.

“Pain Hustlers” is set to premiere on Netflix on October 27.

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