Mobil 1 For The Love of Driving Commercial Song

Mobil 1 For The Love of Driving Commercial Actor

In its recent advertisement titled “Breaking Free,” the motor oil brand Motor 1 encourages individuals to break away from the constraints and stress of the modern, mechanized, and digitized world by taking a drive.

The commercial features a diverse group of people engaged in various activities, such as waking up in the morning, checking emails on the go at work, and working on their laptops in a coffee shop. In these scenarios, individuals are bound by thick, cumbersome cables that either trip them up, slow them down, or hinder their progress. Notably, one scene shows a man weighed down by bulky computer cables while working at a coffee shop on his laptop. He notices a woman who purchases a coffee and then promptly departs in her car. Inspired by her action, he decides to follow suit and gets behind the wheel to experience the liberating sensation of breaking free.

The classic 1964 track “(You Don’t Know) How Glad I Am” by Nancy Wilson provides the soundtrack for the commercial. It introduces Motor 1 as the world’s leading synthetic motor oil brand and concludes with the onscreen message, “Logging off. Feels a lot like breaking free. For the love of driving.”

Mobil 1 described this campaign, which debuted in July earlier this year, as an embodiment of the brand’s dedication to getting more people behind the wheel, no matter where they are. A press statement emphasized that “Breaking Free” signifies not only a campaign but also represents a philosophy that underscores the power of driving, the positive impact it can have on our lives, and the unforgettable experiences that occur when we disconnect from technology to reconnect with the open road.

Furthermore, the statement highlighted that “Breaking Free” builds upon America’s unique affection for the open road and encourages drivers to explore and discover what brings them joy, as over half of Americans have acknowledged that some of their most cherished life moments have taken place in a car. Mobil 1 emphasized the importance of embracing the love for the open road and the happiness it can bring to our lives.

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