GEICO Umpire Commercial – Ken Griffey Jr., His Wife, Melissa & Jim Joyce

GEICO Umpire Commercial - Ken Griffey Jr., His Wife, Melissa & Jim Joyce

GEICO has dropped a series of hilarious new ads to promote its bundling options and the company’s official partnership with Major League Baseball.

In one of them, starring Ken Griffey Jr., his wife Melissa, and Jim Joyce, the storyline revolves around living next to a neighbor who tends to be quite judgmental. This particular advertisement humorously portrays the challenges of being Ken Griffey Jr., living next door to none other than the umpire Jim Joyce.

The commercial features the legendary National Baseball Hall of Famer, former Cincinnati Reds star, and Moeller High School alumnus, Ken Griffey Jr., and his wife Melissa. They discuss their home, with Melissa expressing their love for it, highlighting all its wonderful qualities. However, there’s a catch to their otherwise idyllic living situation. Junior points out that their neighbor, introduced as Jim Joyce, a former umpire and graduate of Bowling Green State University, is known to be “a bit opinionated.”

In a humorous twist, the commercial concludes with Joyce ejecting Griffey from the scene, leaving Griffey to quip to his wife, “He’s done this to me before.” Interestingly, this ejection incident draws from real-life events, as Joyce indeed ejected Junior from a game on June 6, 1989, marking the first time he had ever ejected a player. Remarkably, it would be another 12 years before Griffey was ejected from a game again.

In another GEICO ad, Ken Griffey Jr. reprises his role, this time engaging in a lighthearted exchange with a couple living alongside concession workers. The commercial concludes with Griffey playfully asking for some cotton candy and inquiring about the availability of bubble gum.

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