Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Scream Commercial / TV Advert

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Scream Commercial / TV Advert - Baby Goat

Coca-Cola highlights that “Fan work is thirsty work” in its latest commercial, which promotes the Coke Zero Sugar.

The spot, part of the brand’s “Best Coke Ever” campaign, features a diverse cast of individuals enjoying a bottle of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar while watching a football game and screaming from the top of their lungs when their favorite team scores or misses a goal. The fans, who range from youngsters watching the game in the car to people watching it from the stadium, also include an old man on his fishing boat, some construction workers, a young woman at a laundromat, college students, painters, and more.

“Fan work is thirsty work” an onscreen line reads at the end of the ad, which also sees the tagline “Best Coke Ever?” flashing across the screen, along with a can of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.

Last month, on September 25, Coca-Cola introduced the “TakeATaste Now” campaign, featuring an innovative AR giveaway and a nationwide DOOH (digital out-of-home) initiative in collaboration with Tesco Group, encouraging fans to experience Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.

This campaign represents Coca-Cola’s first large-scale two-way controlled DOOH and AR experience. It allows consumers to alter the 3D anamorphic creative on any screen in real-time using their mobile devices. By scanning the QR code on OOH screens, people can obtain a digital bottle of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar on their mobile devices through the ‘Connect’ platform. They will then receive a digital voucher to redeem a 500ml bottle, including the Cherry variant, at Tesco stores. Redeemers will also earn gaming points on the official Coca-Cola app, providing access to some of Coca-Cola’s significant giveaways.

The “TakeATaste Now” campaign is live in the UK, including London’s largest OOH screens at Piccadilly Lights, and will be active until October 15th, offering consumers the opportunity to interact with the screens using their mobile devices for the first time.

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