Buffalo Wild Wings A Wild-Winged Buffalo Walks Into A Bar Commercial

Buffalo Wild Wings A Wild-Winged Buffalo Walks Into A Bar Hank Commercial

Buffalo Wild Wings has unveiled a brand refresh with the introduction of “Let’s Go Sports Bar,” their first campaign since naming Anomaly as their creative agency of record in May.

The campaign celebrates Buffalo Wild Wings’ core strengths: wings, beer, and sports – and features Hank, a computer-generated buffalo with wild wings, which is voiced by Saturday Night Live alum Beck Bennett. Created by Untold Studios, Hank is a charismatic character who enjoys indulging in various wing sauces without judgment and gets people excited about every game. Hank embodies the entertaining and engaging personality you’d find at a bar, someone with endless stories to share, and – shortly – is the ultimate embodiment of the brand’s number-one fan.

At the heart of the campaign is a 30-second commercial that shows Hank in a parking lot, where he reflects, saying, “Sometimes, all you need to change your life is a sign. A sign that says, ‘Hank, this is the place you’ve been looking for. Sometimes, that sign is… an actual sign tha’s mounted to a building.'” Hank proudly declares his love for Buffalo Wild Wings, not just because he’s a buffalo with wings (which he finds “offensive” and “reductionist”), but because Buffalo Wild Wings made beer into a place and gave that place sports and chicken wings, and great people. “Yeah, this place is kind of like heaven. You know, without needing to get hit by a bus,” Hank says at the end of the commercial, adding the tagline “Let’s Go Sports Bar”.

“This campaign is about finding the voice of Buffalo Wild Wings as a way of defining what the brand is all about and the role it plays in our guests’ lives. Turns out the voice we found is a literal winged buffalo named Hank, which is essentially our logo come to life and only something B-Dubs could do. We’re excited about this new creative and the next chapter of the brand partnering with Anomaly LA,” said Tristan Meline, Chief Marketing Officer at Buffalo Wild Wings.

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