Applebee’s $1 Dollarita’s Back Commercial Song

Applebee's $1 Dollarita’s Back Commercial

Applebee’s has dropped a new ad to inform that its famous one-dollar margarita, the Dollarita, is back this October.

“You asked for it and we listened,” the brand says in the 30-second spot, which shows dozens of social media posts of fans asking the fast-food chain to bring the Dollarita back. Glasses of Dollarita are then shown on the screen, while in the background Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train” plays.

The margaritas, made with tequila, lime, and triple sec (the last of which actually didn’t appear in the original recipe), are back on the menus for the first time in three years and will be available for a limited time only. Each Dollarita arrives in a 12-ounce rock glass and can be found at any of the chain’s almost 2,000 locations.

The restaurant chain has also brought back for this spooky season its Spooky Sips. Drinks cost $5 and include the Tipsy Zombie, made with Bacardi Superior and Dracula’s Juice, mixed with Jose Cuervo Tequila and Bacardi Superior.

“The Dollarita really spurred a resurgence for our brand. It was coming off of a couple difficult years, and the entire category was being challenged at the time,” Yashinsky says. “It helped kick off a newfound energy for the brand, which we’ve leveraged in the past five, six years,” Applebee’s chief marketing officer Joel Yashinsky said in a recent interview.

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