Yakult Advert Song – Feat. Woman Singing Ma-i-a- Hi, Ma-i-a Hu

Yakult TV Advert - Feat. Woman Singing Ma-i-a- Hi, Ma-i-a Hu

Yakult has tapped into global phenomenon and early internet viral video the Numa Numa song for its latest ad campaign, which aims to raise awareness on Yakult’s friendly bacteria.

The spot, titled “Little Bottle Big Difference”, features a woman who, after taking a sip from a little bottle of Yakult, starts singing “My Yakult, My Yakult, My Yakult, friendly bacteria” to the rhythms of the famous O-Zone track, whose chorus lyrics include “Ma-i-a hi, Ma-i-a hu, Ma-i-a ho, Ma-i-a ha-ha”.

The campaign, which is set to run across Europe, includes TV ads, each featuring a consumer enjoying a bottle of Yakult and then bursting into the “My Yakult” tune, radio ads, OOH advertising, social media, PR activity, in-store and shopper marketing activity.

Versions of the ad are available for each of the brand’s three products – Yakult Original, Yakult Balance and Yakult Plus.

“Our new ‘My Yakult’ creative clearly shows the joy and feel good that each little bottle can bring to consumers’ every day. By tapping into a song which is so well-known and loved, we hope it makes the benefits of the product just as memorable,” Hiroaki Yoshimura, MD for Yakult UK & Ireland, said in a press release.

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