Verizon iPhone 15 Pro Titanium J Balvin Commercial Song – Catch My iPhone

Verizon iPhone 15 Pro Titanium J Balvin Commercial - Catch My iPhone

Verizon has teamed up with J Balvin to celebrate the iPhone 15 Launch with an augmented reality game called “Catch my iPhone” and sweepstakes featuring a giant animated version of the singer.

The network has also released a commercial to promote the game and sweepstakes, which gives participants the chance to win an iPhone 15 Pro. The Catch My iPhone is introduced as immersive AR experience featuring the new iPhone 15 Pro and starring J Balvin. The ad shows a 300-foot version of Balvin walking across the city, while onscreen lines inform that “Something big is coming” and that “J Balvin is dropping the new iPhone 15 Pro on your block”. Viewers are encouraged to catch theirs for a chance to win.

The soundtrack music is Balvin’s newest single “Dientes”, which he released with DJ Khaled and Usher.

The same version appears in the game, as well, teaching players about some of the smartphone’s features, while in the background his new song “Dientes” plays.

The Catch My iPhone AR game can be played by visiting Verizon’s website or clicking the link in the telecom’s Instagram post about the promotion.

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