Verizon iPhone 15 Jason Bateman & Sean Hayes at Boy’s Birthday Party Commercial

Verizon iPhone 15 Jason Bateman & Sean Hayes at Boy's Birthday Party Commercial

Verizon has enlisted Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes to promote its myPlan, which allows customers to trade in any iPhone for a free iPhone 15.

The spot, created by agency Ogilvy, opens with Hayes ruinining a boy’s birthday party by blowing the candles on his birthday cake and making a wish. He expresses his wish out loud, saying he wants Apple’s new iPhone 15 Pro. At this point, Bateman shows up with the new iPhone 15 Pro, made with titanium. His colleague on the popular podcast SmartLess believes there’s no way he could trade his current smartphone, which he describes as a “busted up thing”, for a new one. Bateman points out that, maybe, stealing wishes from the birthday boy isn’t the best plan and fills him in on Verizon’s upgrade deal: by switching to myPlan, they can trade in any iPhone (in any condition) to get the new iPhone 15 on them.

Happy that he doesn’t have to ruin birthday parties anymore, Hayes takes some birthday cake on a plate and goes with Bateman to trade-in his phone and get the new iPhone 15 Pro.

The commercial ends with the voiceover urging viewers to trade-in their iPhone in any condition for a new iPhone 15 Pro on them.

Verizon has also released a Spanish-language ad featuring J Balvin. The spot, which highlights that you don’t have to be a celebrity to get the new iPhone 15 for free, features the Grammy Award winner sitting at a salon and chatting with other patrons.

Balvin has also collaborated with the mobile carrier for a new AR game called “Catch My iPhone”, which depicts the artist standing 300 feet tall and making it rain iPhones to his new single “Dientes” and gives players the chance to win an iPhone 15 Pro.

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