Netflix Series: Surviving Paradise (Trailer Song)

Netflix Series: Surviving Paradise Trailer

Netflix has released the trailer for its upcoming reality show “Surviving Paradise”.

The series puts 12 participants to the test as they fight to prove whether or not they deserve to live in paradise. They will enter a luxurious villa with hopes of experiencing the “summer of their lives.” However, an unexpected twist will disrupt their plans, as half of them will find themselves living in subpar conditions, all while vying for a substantial cash prize of $100,000.

According to the official synopsis of the show, the contestants will initially arrive at a stunning clifftop villa, only to discover that this might not become their new home after all. Instead, a portion of the group will be relocated to the untamed forest directly below the villa, where they must compete to regain access to the villa. The catch is that when one person gains entry, another may be forced to leave. To have a shot at winning the cash prize, they must secure a spot in the villa by the end of the competition. This makes friendships and alliances crucial, as participants can only return to the villa if their fellow competitors genuinely believe they deserve it.

The trailer kicks off with a scene depicting the contestants enjoying themselves while partying on the water, raising their champagne glasses in a toast as they head towards their idyllic destination. A member of the group remarks “It doesn’t get any better than this,” as they playfully spray champagne over the glistening water. Just when they’re under the impression that their stint on the show will be a luxurious affair, an enigmatic voiceover interjects, saying, “12 strangers are on the brink of competing for a life-altering cash prize. They believe they’ll be basking in the lap of luxury, but there’s a twist…”.

The group begins exploring the grand villa when the light flickers out and the narrator continues “In this game everyone starts with nothing.” The scene shifts to half of the contestants exploring the camp below the villa and a few discover their lavatories. “Is that the bathroom?” one contestant asks as the scene shifts to another opening a door to an outdoor toilet. “This is all awful.”

As the voiceover reveals that “alliances will get you into paradise, but enemies will send you back to hell,” two challengers declare “no backstabbers” as they seal the deal with a pinky promise.

The song used in the trailer is “Paradise” by Hotline.

Surviving Paradise will be available on Netflix this fall, on October 20.

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