Miranda’s Victim – 2023 Movie Trailer

2023 Movies: Miranda's Victim Actress Trailer Abigail Breslin as Trish Weir

The trailer for the upcoming American biographical crime drama Miranda’s Victim, directed by Michelle Danner, has been released.

The movie, based on the life of Patricia “Trish” Weir, who was kidnapped and raped by Ernesto Miranda in 1963, depicts the origin of the Miranda warning and stars Abigail Breslin as Trish Weir, Sebastian Quinn as Ernesto Miranda, Luke Wilson, Kyle MacLachlan, Ryan Phillipe, Mireille Enos, Emily VanCamp, Andy Garcia, and Donald Sutherland.

According to the official synopsis, Trish’s assailant, Ernesto Miranda, “confesses without legal representation and serves a two-year sentence, only to have the verdict later overturned. In the resulting retrial, a determined prosecutor seeks to hold Ernesto accountable for his crimes, despite grueling opposition from Ernesto’s defense attorney. What follows is a legal proceeding that forever changes the nation’s justice system.”

The trailer shows Breslin’s character, Trish, struggling in court in her attempt to have Miranda locked away, and the attorneys fighting for their specific case. Ryan Philipe, who plays Miranda’s attorney, replies, in one of the scenes, to Wilson’s character, who is Trish’s attorney, that he doesn’t really care about Miranda’s victim.

The world premiere of “Miranda’s Victim” took place at the Arlington Theatre in Santa Barbara, California, as part of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival on February 8, 2023. The film is set to be distributed by Vertical Entertainment and is slated for release on October 6, 2023.

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