GEICO Dancing Gecko Mascot Desmond Howard Commercial

GEICO Dancing Gecko Mascot Desmond Howard Commercial

The Gecko appears on ESPN College Gameday and shows off his dance moves in a new commercial released by GEICO.

The spot features a crowd of fans cheering on the mascot, which is obviously a person wearing a gecko costume. “We have a special guest today on ESPN College GameDay,” the announcer says, introducing the GEICO Gecko. The latter busts some unexpected moves, to the surprise of the audience.

From the side, the Gecko tells his fellow to get to the part where he tells everyone how easy it is to insure what’s important to them, such as home, car and even RV. “Come on, there’s an RV right there,” he adds. However, the big Gecko keeps entertaining the crowd, without paying attention to what he says, which makes Gecko wonder if he even saw the talking points he had given to him. When the human inside raises the Gecko head, the Gecko realizes it’s Desmond Howard. “I forgot the talking points,” explains the former football wide receiver.

“For all your insurance needs, from home to car to RV, it’s easy to GEICO,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial.

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