Esselunga Emma The Peach Commercial – Pubblicità Esselunga La Pesca

Esselunga Emma The Peach Commercial - Pubblicità Esselunga La Pesca

Esselunga, Italy’s leading grocery store chain, highlights that “Your groceries are more than just groceries” in its latest TV campaign, titled “The Peach”.

The spot, created by agency SMALL New York, features a little girl grocery shopping with her mother at Esselunga. For a moment, she makes her mom worry because she went to the fruit aisle to grab a peach. On their way back home, the child seems distracted and doesn’t say anything. They spend the rest of the day playing together until someone rings at the door. It turns out it’s the woman’s ex-husband and the girl’s father, who came to take her to spend some time together. When she gets in the car, the girl tells her dad she has something for him and gives him the peach, mentioning that it’s from mom. The dad then gets behind the wheel, assuring his daughter that he will call mom later that day to thank her.

The film was shot in Milan by the French director Rudi Rosenberg and produced by Indiana Production.

“The campaign aims to highlight the importance of grocery shopping: it’s not just about purchasing food, it has a much broader symbolic value,” explained in a press release Roberto Selva, chief marketing and customer officer of Esselunga. “For every product we put in the cart, there is a deeper meaning than we’re used to think. Esselunga is synonymous with quality and convenience and knows that your groceries are never just groceries: that’s why we’re committed to always offer the best to our customers.”

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