Xfinity Ditch 5G Home Internet Home Party Commercial

Xfinity Ditch 5G Home Internet Home Party Commercial

Xfinity urges consumers to ditch 5G Home Internet and switch to Xfinity in one of its latest ads, titled “The Party”.

The spot features a home party where the host realizes that his guests are connected to his 5G Home Internet and now there are too many devices slowing him down when trying to play a video game. “Ditch 5G Home Internet. It’s time for better internet. Switch to Xfinity” onscreen lines read at the end of the 15-second commercial.

Xfinity celebrated the launch of its 10G network earlier this year, with a Super Bowl commercial, titled “The Next Giant Leap”. The marketing campaign also includes another ad, dubbed “Red Flags”, which features a couple having a movie night on the guy’s mobile hotspot and dealing with interruptions due to the weak signal. As he’s looking for signal through the apartment, she begins to notice several red flags.

Last year, the company partnered with Ed Helms to promote its “Unbeatable Internet”. The actor stars in a 30-second ad for the company, showing what it is like having Xfinity Internet, highlighting that Xfinity has unbeatable internet, “Made to do anything so you can do anything.”

Xfinity has also touted its xFi Gateway with next-generation WiFi, which gives users supersonic WiFi, powers hundreds of devices at once, features three times the bandwidth for more reliable connections, and advanced security that blocks billions of threats. This new technology also helps protect devices and stay safer and more secure online, as Advanced Security helps block unsecure websites and provides an added layer of protection against phishing attacks and dangerous files.

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