State Farm Jake & TimTheTatman Commercial

State Farm Jake & TimTheTatman Commercial Actors

State Farm has released a new commercial featuring Jake as he tells passionate gamers that State Farm supports them.

The spot opens with a young woman telling Jake that it’s though trying to make it as a streamer. “Hey, you’ve got this. Remember State Farm is there to support you,” answers Jake. “Besides, I think I know a guy,” he also says, pointing his finger to TimTheTatman (note: he is one of the world’s most popular gaming personalities with millions engaging with him on YouTube). At this point, camera pans to show the YouTube celebrity. “You want to make it big, kid? Timmy Tenders knows how,” he tells the girl, who’s excited to learn that he wants to be her coach. “Let’s do this, gramps!” she exclaims. “I’m only 33,” Tim tells her. The next scene features TimTheTatman training the girl by rapidly asking her to give him a Y, a space bar, a mouse touch and talk to Chad. However, the girl seems to be really confused when hearing about Chad, as she doesn’t know who he is.

The commercial ends with Jake saying in voiceover the tagline “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there”.

Jake, played by actor Kevin Miles, appeared in numerous ads for the insurance company over the last years. In some of them he shared the screen with multiple celebrities and athletes, such as Patrick Mahomes, Ashly Burch, Sabrina Ionescu, Andy Reid, ports journalist and reporter Malika Andrews, actor and comedian Lil Rel Howery, basketball player Arike Ogunbowale, Mark Cuban, and more.

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