GEICO Free Parmesan Say When Commmercial Song

GEICO Free Parmesan Say When Commmercial Actors

GEICO had dropped a hilarious new commercial in its “As Easy As” campaign.

Created based on the idea that GEICO makes car insurance as easy as getting a little carried away with the free parmesan, the spot features a family having dinner at a restaurant. The father, played by Emilio Rossal, gets some fresh ground parmesan on his spaghetti and is asked by the waiter, played by Joshua Rodriguez, to say when. However, the waiter keeps grounding parmesan but he doesn’t say a word.

As the spot ends, viewers get to see the man completely covered in parmesan and saying “Yes, please” to a second waiter, who asks him if he wants some fresh ground pepper.

The commercial, which stars Rania Vega as Mom, Nora Wagle and Ella Wagle as the couple’s daughters, and Garrett Holden Bales as the second waiter, features the track “La Biondina in Gondoleta” by Umberto Da Preda.

The voiceover declares that, with 24/7 Emergency Roadside Service, it’s easy to GEICO.

The insurance company highlights that it makes car insurance easy in several other spots. One of them features a father who says the wrong thing at the airport and another one shows a woman who got stuffed up during the allergy season.

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