eBay Karaoke & Table Soccer Commercial Song / Canzone Pubblicità – Feat. Lele Adani & Nicola Vendola

Pubblicità eBay - Feat. Lele Adani & Nicola Vendola

eBay has launched a new TV ad campaign that celebrates the spirit and diverse interests of eBay users, which the platform constantly nurtures and showcases.

Created by DUDE and titled “Do Re Mi Fa Goal”, the spot aims to position eBay as an enabler of an infinite world of passions, from football to soccer table to karaoke and features a man who orders on eBay a karaoke party machine with light effects to hold karaoke nights when there are no football matches. However, he soon realizes he is not into singing and uses the microphone to serve as a commentator for softball matches.

former Italian football players Lele Adani and Nicola Vendola make an appearance in the ad, playing table soccer and quoting some of their famous catchphrases.

“New. Used. Refurbished. You can find it on eBay,” the voiceover says at the end of the 30-second ad, which is set to the rhythms of the 1995 single “Alright” by British alternative rock band Supergrass, from their debut album, “I Should Coco”.

The ad runs on TV, social media, and streaming platform DAZN, which will amplify the visibility during all the biggest football matches of the 23/24 season.

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