Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Join The Flip Side Commercial – Feat. Friends at Summer Camp

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Join the Flip Side Commercial Girl

Samsung has released a hilarious new commercial to promote its Galaxy Z Flip.

The 2-minute film, which continues the brand’s “Join te flip side” campaign, features a group of friends at a summer camp who use iPhone and are determined to never switch. “Have you heard about this Samsung flip phone or whatever? Apparently you only have to look at it once and then it gets like stuck inside your mind or something and the only way to stop that is to switch,” a young woman tells her four friends while sitting at a table, outdoor. One of those friends says that was like the dumbest thing she has ever heard but after seeing a Galaxy Z Flip, just a few seconds later, she proves that rumours around it, about the irresistible power it possesses over anyone who lays eyes on it, are true and the others start running away, terrified that the same thing might happen to them, as well.

The movie-like ad, which shows how the Flip’s amazing features immediately makes people to fall in love with it, makes viewers ask themselves if the rest of the group will be able to escape the Samsung Z Flip or they will eventually be possessed with its power and join the flip side, too.

“Join the flip side” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial.

The tech giant invites audiences to join it for Galaxy Unpacked live on July 26 to discover the new Galaxy Z Flip.

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