Netflix Movies: Wingwomen Trailer Song

Netflix Movies: Wingwomen Trailer Actresses

Netflix has released a teaser trailer for its upcoming French drama Wingwomen.

According to the official synopsis, the movie revolves around two expert thieves and best friends, who – tired of life on the run – recruit feisty Sam to assist them with one last job – unlike any they’ve done before.

The cast includes Adèle Exarchopoulos, Mélanie Laurent, Manon Bresch, Isabelle Adjani, Félix Moati, and Philippe Katerine.

The teaser gives viewers a glimpse at the three women’s skills and the activities they carry out, without revealing, though, the job they recruit Sam for. “This is no normal job,” they tell Sam, who is annoyed by the fact that one of them assumes she might be awful at this job and need to pass a test. “Tell me, what’s your specialty, except pissing me off?” Sam asks the “recruiter”, who answers she’s a sniper and can kill from 800m without even looking. Sam’s reply is “Give me any bike, I’ll do three loops like you’ve never seen”, but it doesn’t impress the woman, who tells her they’ll call her if they set up a circus.

The song used in the teaser is the 1980 single “Atomic” by American rock band Blondie, from their fourth studio album, “Eat to the Beat”.

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