McDonald’s UK People Going on Holiday Stuck in Traffic Jam Raising Eyebrows Advert Song

McDonald's UK People Going on Holiday Stuck in Traffic Jam Raising Eyebrows Advert Actors - Fancy a McDonald's?

After its “Raise Your Arches” TV advert, with everyone heading out of work prompted by raised eyebrows to the tune of “Oh Yeah” by Yellow, McDonald’s UK has dropped a similar ad, with people raising their eyebrows.

Titled “Next Stop, McDonald’s”, the spot is set on a hot summer day and features dozens of cars stuck in a traffic jam on a bridge. As the traffic light turns red, drivers and passengers start raising their eyebrows to one another as an invitation for them to stop at McDonald’s. Couples and families going on vacation, students and their teachers on a bus, a couple of seniors in a trailer, a group of bikers, a group of tourists – they all communicate in this way to express their willingness to head to the nearest McDonald’s restaurant.

“Fancy a McDonald’s?” an onscreen line reads at the end of the advert, which is scored by Yellow’s single “Oh Yeah”.

This eyebrow raise turns out to be the logo outline and is now the new signal for “Fancy a McDonald’s?”

Earlier this year, the fast-food chain launched a campaign titled “Own Your McSpicy Face”, which centers on the creative insight that everyone has that face they pull when they eat something spicy. A humorous spot features a diverse cast of individuals doing various weird faces which – it turns out – are due to the McSpicy Chicken Burger they have been eating.

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