Hyundai FIFA Women’s World Cup Goal of the Century Commercial – Feat. Woman Playing Football Throughout Decades

Hyundai FIFA Women's World Cup Goal of the Century Commercial Actress

Hyundai, which has been a proud supporter of the FIFA Women’s World Cup since 1999, has released a new commercial for this year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup, which celebrates the legacy and history of women’s football.

The spot, part of the brand’s “Goal of the Century” global communication campaign and titled “How Far We’ve Come,” takes viewers on an epic journey alongside a young female footballer picking up the game in the 1850s and racing through history, showing just how far we’ve come and how far we will go. The protagonist is first shown in the 1850s watching a football game. At some point, she has the opportunity to hit the football and, after doing that, she begins playing, too, despite the other people’s statement that she cannot play.

She is then featured playing football throughout decades, up to the present day.

“See how far we’ve come. Watch how far we’ll go” onscreen lines read at the end of the commercial, which also informs that Hyundai has been supporting the women’s football since 1999.

“This year, Hyundai’s Goal of the Century campaign expands on its previous efforts to create a sustainable world by focusing on social inclusivity for women,” said Sungwon Jee, Senior Vice President and Global Chief Marketing Officer at Hyundai Motor Company, adding that “The campaign embraces womanhood by not only supporting the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023, but also by celebrating the legacy and history of women’s football.”

As part of its “Goal of the Century” global communication campaign, Hyundai Motor is also sponsoring a special exhibition, ‘Calling the Shots: Faces of Women’s Football,’ at the FIFA Museum, from July 20 to August 20, 2023. The exhibition celebrates the heritage of players, staff and supporters who have contributed to the development of the Women’s World Cup so far.

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