Gucci An Ode to Love Wen Qi & Daniel Zhou Commercial Song

Gucci has launched a new campaign, titled “An Ode to Love”, starring Brand Ambassador Wen Qi alongside singer and actor Daniel Zhou.

Captured against the backdrop of lush, green grass fields by videographer Tin Seoi, the protagonists appear carefree in the embrace of the natural landscape, basking in the blissful moments when time seems to stand still in the presence of the other. Clad in comfortable pieces, such as a short-sleeve baseball tee, featuring the text “Gucci I Love You”, printed knitwear, and other classic wardrobe essentials, including an oversized trench coat with a hoodie, all reimagined, with a refreshing touch of the new and Gucci interpretation, the two lay in the grass, illustrating a joyous feeling that arises with a budding connection.

The soundtrack music is “I Love You Always Forever” by Donna Lewis.

Described as “a tribute to love and human connection, where moments of intimacy bloom amidst the riot of colors”, the campaign promises a new perspective on men’s fashion, demonstrating the brand’s continual push toward inspiring designs.

The Italian fashion house has recently dominated the red carpet outfitting Barbie star Ryan Gosling. Several iconic pieces are featured in the Barbie movie, as well, which caught the world’s attention.