Fiat Topolino The Summer Essential Commercial / Advert Song – Love in Portofino

Fiat Topolino The Summer Essential Commercial / TV Advert - Love in Portofino

FIAT has unveiled its new Fiat Topolino and showcases it in a new series of new ads.

One of them introduces the compact electric car as “The summer essential”.

“What could be better than enjoying the Italian summer? Enjoying it on the new Topolino,” the voiceover says in the opening of the 30-second spot, which features a woman driving the Topolino to Portofino, while in the background the Italian song “Love in Portofino” by Italian writing duo Leo Chiosso-Fred Buscaglione plays.

Another commercial presents the Topolino as “the urban jewel” while giving the answer to the question “What’s more exclusive than shopping in Via Montenapoleone?​” The answer is “parking in Via Montenapoleone, in front of your favorite boutique, with your Topolino.​” Other ads present the Topolino as “the travel essential”, “the eclectic electric”, and “the most sparkling vehicle for summer”.

Perfectly designed for the city’s rhythm and the riviera pleasures, the Topolino has a range of up to 75 kilometers on a single charge, reduced carbon and sound footprints.

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